Warning Counterfeit Poppers and Fake Solvents_Poppers Fake

China counterfeiters copied logos and bottles for many years. And, China manufacturers  still makes a lot of fake poppers on the market today. So, it is important to learn to spot the difference. First, Rush poppers and Super Rush are now shipping with the new PWD logo caps in red. So, look for the red cap. If it is not red then it’s fake. Also, PWD Rush poppers do not come in boxes. Furthermore,  they don’t come in blue bottles. Learn to spot the fakes.

It’s very simple. All PWD licensed products all have a label reading PAC-West Distributing NV LLC on the bottle label. Fake poppers have PWD logo embossed on the bottom
Finally, real PWD Rush poppers no longer show PWD solvent logo on the bottom of the bottle. The Chinese counterfeiters have already copied the bottles. Because, over two years ago PWD stopped putting PWD logo bottles. So, if you see PWD on bottle, then it’s fake.
Most important, do a quick check of the label on the bottle. Because, all real PWD solvent products have made by PAC-WEST DISTRIBUTING NV LLC on the label.
You dont worry, most importantly, we have a new technology_NFC CODE help buyer to check to original products from fake or counterfeit products.
IF YOU BUY NOT STAMP NFC ( Near Field Communication ). And it is Fake, not to us. First of all, your phone must have data connection, and you have to connect to NFC, you will be connected to our product website automatically at 4cm distance. We strictly prohibit copying non-genuine counterfeit products to our reputation.
It’s very simple. All poppers-usa.com licensed products all have a label reading NFC on the bottle label. 

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