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Push - Premium Mesh Hole black / white briefs

Jock Straps by Push Underwear

Item: Swimwear



With the Premium Mesh Hole briefs from Push you'll finally be able to show off and feel sexy anywhere you like ! These sleek black and white briefs from Push combine the best of underwear technology for modern men to feel sexy : an exquisite slimming waistband, an open window (literally) on your buttocks and a comfy form-hugging front pouch. All the while being comfortable whatever you happen to be doing.

The front pocket molds your package and keeps it snug and comfortable all day long. The Mesh fabric is composed of hundreds of small holes which let your skin breathe although fitting closely to your anatomy thanks to its highly flexible properties. The holes let some tiny bits of skin show, except on the front where a second layer hides your sensitive parts.

The waistband is soft, wide and highly flexible, bound to the Mesh texture by flat seams and along with the thigh openings provide a pleasant color contrast and doesn't move around.

Product details:

✓ Brand new collection of Push Underwear
✓ Made of light, flexible, premium quality Mesh fabric
✓ Features flat seams and contrasting colors for a classic but effective style
✓ Opening on the rear to show your exquisite anatomy
✓ Features a sexy form-hugging front pocket
✓ No hidden cups or straps
✓ Designed in Berlin and made in the EU

Care: hand or machine wash cold, no bleach, low heat dry, do not iron, do not dry-clean
Material: 78% polyamide, 22% elastane 
Color: black and white 

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