Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump Clear

Total length: approx. 29 cm
For penis sizes up to: approx. 18 cm
Diameter of opening: approx. 5.5 cm
Color: Clear

Item: Sextoys



Effective penis enlargement by training in the shower or bathtub - safe, convenient and fast thanks to the amazing power of water. With results that only a real hydro pump can deliver: Up to 6 cm more length, 30% more circumference and 40% harder (depending on the intensity of the training and your physical condition. These values are not guaranteed and the maximum measured values of test subjects.)

The Hercules Bathmate penis pump not only helps to increase your penis size. Regular use also helps to keep the penis healthy by expanding the small blood vessels. Even from the first application, it can provide for more intense, longer lasting erections and increased sexual satisfaction.

Using of Bathmate Hercules: 

Fill the cylinder with water. The cylinder will be slip over the not erected penis. Now start with pumping. The water removes and produce a vacuum inside. With each pumping thrust increase the pressure and your penis get bigger. If the desire size is reached, open the air-valve on the cylinder and release the vacuum. The erected penis now excerpt out of the cylinder. Your bigger manhood is ready to love. 

The Bathmate Hercules is usable for short-time or long-time penis enlargement result. The pump is made from high-quality materials and decreed a clinical tested system. 

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